Why is LapStacker this price?

We recognize that the price of LapStacker might be a significant investment for some. We've worked hard to keep the cost as low as possible while still maintaining high quality and optimal functionality.

When considering the price, it's important to look at both the development and manufacturing costs and the benefits you'll receive from using it. We hope this explanation helps you understand the reasons behind LapStacker's pricing and the value it can offer you.

Complexity behind simplicity.

Despite LapStacker's simple appearance and ease of use, it is far more than just a strap or an elastic band, which are cheaper but significantly less effective.

LapStacker features a patented design with two retractable coils and perfectly tensioned nylon webbing, ensuring secure and easy handling.

To see how LapStacker is installed and to explore the wide variety of wheelchairs it is compatible with, please visit our fitting guide.

Significant upfront costs.

Developing a new product like LapStacker involves significant upfront costs, including five years of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on design and manufacturing.

Designing a solution to fit most wheelchairs was challenging and costly, requiring a lengthy process and countless prototypes to achieve the final product's ease of use.

Redesign for affordability.

The first version launched on Kickstarter was double the current price so we completely redesigned it to reduce cost while also making it lighter, more compact, and easier to install.

Here you can see the original clamp and bracket attachment method for the retractors. This design was heavier, more difficult to install and more expensive to produce than the current LapStacker options.

Advanced features.

LapStacker has been meticulously designed with extensive feedback from thousands of wheelchair users.

The finger loops and buckles feature a magnetic guiding system, ensuring ease of use even for those with limited hand function.

You can learn more about the features which have added to the cost of a LapStacker here.

The cost of not having a LapStacker.

Without LapStacker, wheelchair users will continue to face several challenges:

1. Continuing to struggle.

Carrying things while using your wheelchair can be a constant struggle, leading to ongoing frustration and inconvenience.

2. Breaking items.

Items falling off your lap and getting broken is a frequent and costly issue that LapStacker can prevent.

3. Loss of independence.

Relying on others for help can be embarrassing and limiting.

4. Wasted time.

Extra time is spent picking up items, asking for help, and re-doing tasks, which could be saved with LapStacker.

5. Embarrassment.

The embarrassment of asking for help and dealing with fallen items can be avoided with the secure and reliable LapStacker.

The value of LapStacker.

1. Freedom and independence.

Carry items securely without worrying about them falling off, enabling greater independence.

2. Confidence and capability.

Perform tasks confidently and independently, enhancing self-esteem and capability.

3. Security and safety.

Secure items in place, reducing the risk of damage and loss.

4. Time-saving.

Save time by securely carrying items, making daily activities more efficient.

5. Reduced frustration.

Enjoy a smoother, more convenient experience, reducing daily frustrations.

Ongoing value and savings.

Time saved.

Using LapStacker can save significant time daily. For example, saving just 2 minutes a day over 5 years translates to 60 hours saved. This alone can justify the cost.

Enhanced quality of life.

LapStacker has helped thousands increase their independence, confidence, and security, improving their overall quality of life.

Superior to alternatives.

Unlike alternatives such as bungees, LapStacker offers unmatched convenience. Learn more about the differences between using bungees and LapStacker here.


We understand the concerns regarding the price of the LapStacker, especially since many people with disabilities face financial hardships.

A lot of effort has gone into making it the best product possible at the most reasonable price we could manage. We hope that you see the value and the effort that has gone into developing LapStacker.

LapStacker is more than just a strap; it’s a meticulously designed solution to enhance the lives of wheelchair users. While the price may seem high at first glance, understanding the extensive development process, advanced features, and the substantial value it brings makes it clear that LapStacker is well worth the investment.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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