Why buy a LapStacker when a bungee cord is much cheaper?

11 reasons why LapStacker outperforms a bungee cord.

1. Always accessible.

A bungee cord doesn’t sit neatly by your side, ready when needed.

2. Protects fragile items.

Bungee cords create point loads, which can damage delicate items like paper.

3. Even tension.

Bungee cords create uneven tension based on the height of the object you're carrying, while LapStacker maintains consistent tension.

4. Versatile design.

LapStacker has 42" (106 cm) of nylon webbing under spring tension on each side, securing items of any size or shape.

5. Safe to use.

Bungee cords have hooks that can release and cause damage, unlike the secure LapStacker.

6. No extra storage needed.

Bungee cords need to be stowed somewhere, while LapStacker is always ready to use.

7. Quick and easy.

It takes longer to hook and unhook a bungee cord compared to the swift LapStacker.

8. Stylish appearance.

Bungee cords look out of place in formal settings, whereas LapStacker looks sleek and professional.

9. Durability.

Bungee cords wear out quickly as their elasticity breaks down, but LapStacker is built to last.

10. Accessibility.

Hooking a bungee cord can be difficult for quadriplegics, whereas LapStacker features finger loops and magnetically guided buckles, making it easy to use even with limited hand function.

11. Secure grip.

The round shape of a bungee cord provides less surface area to grip items, making it prone to slipping, unlike the LapStacker.

What looks easier?

Gem Hubbard from Wheelsnoheels has some fun demonstrating that LapStacker is much easier to use than bungees. Give her a follow. She creates fantastic content to support the wheelchair community.

The world's best solution comes at a price.

LapStacker is the world’s first retractable carry system designed specifically for wheelchair users who seek the best solution.

For those who believe we are “taking advantage of the disability community” or inflating prices with a “disability tax,” we hope you now see that LapStacker is not just a fancy bungee cord; it is priced accordingly for its purpose and quality.

Development investment.

We spent five years developing LapStacker to help wheelchair users carry items with ease, freedom, confidence, independence, and security because a bungee cord is far from ideal.

To learn more about why LapStacker costs what it does, visit here.

What you'll get.

Investing in a LapStacker means gaining more time, independence, security, confidence, safety, and capability.

Join thousands of happy customers and upgrade your wheelchair experience today with LapStacker.

Hear from happy LapStacker customers.

Join thousands of happy customers and upgrade your wheelchair experience today with LapStacker.