LapStacker Flex

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Accessible by design.

Easy to use magnet-assist buckle system.

The magnetic buckle system guides the two sides together, so all you have to do is get them close and they’ll join like magic. It’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

Finger loops so you can zip, clip and go.

The accessible finger loops make pulling the straps a pleasure, even if you have limited hand function. The loops stay open just enough for access, but not too much that they get in the way.

Retractable straps to carry anything, anywhere.

Designed with the perfect amount of tension, for the ultimate versatility, you can carry anything you want with security and confidence. Works equally well with a single sheet of paper, or a stack of boxes.

What's in the box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Hannah Ward

Such a useful and easy to use accessory for my wheelchair.


Best thing ever. Can't do without my LapStacker.


Love it!! Super helpful as a wheelchair user!!

Benveet Gill

I absolutely LOVE my LapStacker. I use it everyday and it has stopped many spills from happening. The ordering process was smooth and the customer service was impeccable. The device was shipped out very fast and the installation was fairly straightforward, the videos sure helped a lot. I recommend this product for any wheelchair user who is frustrated with things falling off their lap. The icing on the cake is that by purchasing a LapStacker you get to support a fellow wheelie homie!

Scott C.

I’m so glad I ordered this. I don’t know how I’d get by without it.

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