LapStacker Flex

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Hold everything.

LapStacker Flex is simple to install, has finger loops for those with reduced hand function, an ingenious magnetic buckle system, and is built with high-quality materials. The straps sit neatly by your side, ready when needed.

With a feather-lite, stylish, and discreet design, LapStacker Flex complements your wheelchair's aesthetic and can be installed by anyone in under five minutes.

Get yours today for a more confident, independent, and secure wheelchair life.

“If you’re a wheelchair user, you need this in your life. It makes all the difference and has been life-changing!” - Rebecca Rodley

Accessible by design.

Easy to use magnet-assist buckle system.

The magnetic buckle system guides the two sides together, so all you have to do is get them close and they’ll join like magic. It’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

Finger loops so you can zip, clip and go.

The accessible finger loops make pulling the straps a pleasure, even if you have limited hand function. The loops stay open just enough for access, but not too much that they get in the way.

Retractable straps to carry anything, anywhere.

Designed with the perfect amount of tension, for the ultimate versatility, you can carry anything you want with security and confidence. Works equally well with a single sheet of paper, or a stack of boxes.

Customer Reviews

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Greg Horton
Life changing

This LapStacker makes life in a chair so much easier, and free! I absolutely love it and cannot imagine life without it.

Michelle S
Genius device!

The LapStacker Flex has been revolutionary for me. As a lifelong manual wheelchair user, I’ve spent the past 35+ years carrying my groceries and other bags by putting the handles either between my teeth or around my neck. As a result, my neck is a wreck and two front teeth have cracked enamel.

The LapStacker completely changes how I go about day-to-day life and has really improved my independence. I can now use a shopping basket at the grocery store, easily and safely take full grocery bags home, bring large delivery boxes inside, carry my laundry basket, cart my tabletop gaming bags/boxes to events, and so much more.

Installation was trickier and took longer for me to do than the website suggested, but it was doable. My main difficulty was finding the right configuration and placement for my needs, and especially getting the clips through tight spaces on my wheelchair.

My first LapStacker actually had a clip break the day after installation, but the moment I contacted AdaptDefy, they were on the case. The very next day they posted me a full device replacement, and I’ve had no issues since.

My wheelchair is foldable and I was worried the clips would get damaged when it was stowed in the car boot, but I’ve had zero problems.

The top magnetic snap that holds things on my lap is heckin’ sturdy, and the retractable straps have plenty of length.

I love my ‘seatbelt for my stuff’ so much. I was skeptical when I first saw an ad on Instagram because I’ve been bitten by poor medical/disability products in the past; but this time I’ve been yelling about how great this company & product is to everyone who will listen. It’s such a simple idea but execution is everything and they’ve pulled it off. Highly recommend!

Judith Asetta

The strap is wonderful and keeps everything Input under it secure. I is a lifesaver ! Really reduces stress about keeping things on your lap. We had to add to the length of the strap to get it to fit my power chair.Didn’t ask Mike if he sold it as we already had a piece that worked .

Megg Tomczynski

LapStacker Flex

Nichole Bencomo
Hard for paralyzed

I really like this, but it’s hard for me to pull it up on my right side, that’s the side I’m paralyzed on. Someone has to bring it up for me so I could connect it to the magnet. It works great once it’s together.

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