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Helping you adapt and defy as a wheelchair user through knowledge, innovation and community. Our first invention is LapStacker.

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Introducing LapStacker

Wheelchair life, made easier.

Simply pull the straps, clip the buckles together, and roll with confidence, independence and control.

Available for manual and power wheelchairs.

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Hold everything - even the kitchen sink.

LapStacker is a versatile, lightweight and easy-to-use wheelchair attachment that allows you to carry anything, anywhere.

The greatest invention since the wheel. From my lunch to a basket full of groceries, this holds everything tight on my lap.

Robert Carroll

I absolutely LOVE my LapStacker. I use it everyday and the customer service was impeccable.

Benveet Gill

LapStacker has made a huge difference in my ability to do things on my own. So nice not having things fall off my lap all the time. I highly recommend it.

Stephen J.

Absolutely life changing. I use it for everything from gardening, shopping, cooking - anything in day to day life.

Rebecca Rodley

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side view render of a fixed manual wheelchair

Manual rigid

side view render of a folding manual wheelchair

Manual folding

side view render of a Permobil power wheelchair

Permobil power

Side view render of a Quantum power wheelchair

Quantum power

Side view render of a Quickie power wheelchair

Quickie power

Mike in wheelchair holiding hands with son looking out from the port hills.

A personal mission.

In 2012 Mike Brown sustained a complete spinal cord injury that triggered a desire to help others adapt and defy, just like he was able to do.

Teaming up with Tim Cox, an award winning designer, they started an innovation journey to create solutions for the adaptive community.

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