LapStacker XD for Permobil power wheelchairs

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Supercharge your powerchair. 

LapStacker XD is simple to install, has finger loops for those with reduced hand function, an ingenious magnetic buckle system, and is built with high-quality materials. The straps sit neatly by your side, ready when needed.

The stylish and discreet design complements your wheelchair's aesthetic and the retractable straps offer versatile carrying capability to seamlessly enhance your mobility. Get yours now for a more confident, independent and secure wheelchair life. 

Hurry, stock is limited (seriously, it is).

Accessible by design.

Close up of LapStacker securing shopping bags while a lady is holding a coffee  in her hand

Easy to use magnet-assist buckle system.

The magnetic buckle system guides the two sides together, so all you have to do is get them close and they’ll join like magic. It’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

Finger loops so you can zip, clip and go.

The accessible finger loops make pulling the straps a pleasure, even if you have limited hand function. The loops stay open just enough for access, but not too much that they get in the way.

Retractable straps to carry anything, anywhere.

Designed with the perfect amount of tension, for the ultimate versatility, you can carry anything you want with security and confidence. Works equally well with a single sheet of paper, or a stack of boxes.

Easy to install.

Check you have the required clearance.

T-track Installation

LapStacker XD slides onto the t-track of your seat frame, where you can move it into the perfect position easily.


Minimal space is required and existing accessories can often be moved to accomodate LapStacker XD.

Install Guide

The full Installation Guide with more details is available here.

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