ACC funding for LapStacker

ACC has an obligation.

ACC has a statutory obligation to assist you with social,  physical and vocational (work) rehabilitation. This means they are required to help you be as independent as possible. A LapStacker may help you with your everyday (social) activities and in many cases, for your work or study too. Here’s our recommendation on how to approach getting one funded.

How do I get a LapStacker funded through ACC?

If you are getting a new wheelchair, the easiest way to get a LapStacker is to ask for one when you are scripting your chair and the wheelchair supplier will handle the rest.

If you are wanting LapStacker for your existing chair, you can also reach out to your local wheelchair supplier, who may be able to assist, but the likelihood is you'll have to as your ACC case manager. Read on for more details on the process.

1. Contact your ACC case worker and share the problems you’re having. These are some common ones:
  • You had no issues carrying things before your accident
  • Now holding onto things while pushing your wheelchair is difficult and frustrating
  • You’re constantly dropping and breaking things
  • You’re frustrated by simple tasks around the house or at work because you struggle to carry items on your lap
  • Your independence is reduced because you can’t carry things easily on your own
Share some scenarios where these issues occur:
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Carrying your laptop at work or school
  • DIY around the house

    You will be asked what you’ve already tried and why they don’t work well enough. Eg:

    • Bungee cords are dangerous, a hassle and don’t work (watch the video).
    • A backpack isn’t practical or suitable for many things, it adds weight to the back of my chair and is uncomfortable. I don’t want to wear a backpack all the time. I’m concerned about theft. I want things in front of me.
    2. Ask your ACC case worker to help you find a solution.

    It’s ok to share that you have a solution in mind (LapStacker), but don’t expect your ACC case worker to approve it on the spot. They have a process to follow and have to run this by a company (Enable or Accessable) who purchases and manages equipment on behalf of ACC.

    It’s best not to tell them you’ve found the solution and that they should just fund it. It’s better to ask their help in a polite and respectful way.

    You will most likely be referred to an expert like an Occupational Therapist (OT) for an simple assessment. It may seem crazy for such a simple product, but this is the system. Go with it. We suggest you discuss this over the phone with your OT rather than meet in person, to save time.

    3. Help your OT.

    You may have to share everything again with your OT. Be patient. They will help you get this across the line.

    You can be direct and share that you think a LapStacker is the answer to all your problems! If they’re up to date with the best products out there, they will have heard of the LapStacker. If not, send them a link to this website.

    4. Your OT will contact us or a reseller.

    Your OT will request a quote and begin looking at whether a LapStacker will fit on your wheelchair. It would be helpful if you were familiar with the fitting guide here. This will make your OT happy, as they are very busy people.

    5. Your OT will submit a report.

    Your OT will submit a report along with a quote. We (or one of our resellers) will continue to work with you both to determine the best LapStacker for your wheelchair. If you already know what LapStacker you need, this will make it easy.

    6. Once approved, you’ll be notified when it is ready for installation
    Once approved and your setup is confirmed, your LapStacker will be ordered. You may then be asked if you’d like assistance with the installation. And then, you and your LapStacker will roll off into the sunset and live happily ever after!