LapStacker ®

Carry items on your lap with confidence using the world’s first retractable strap system for wheelchairs.

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It shouldn’t be this hard!

As a manual wheelchair user, carrying items can be difficult and frustrating. You drop or break things. You feel clumsy and slow.

LapStacker® makes it easy!

Pull the straps over your lap. Clip the buckles together. Roll with confidence.

Remove frustration.  Get yours today!

Why LapStacker ®

Pays for itself

Save money. Prevent items from breaking when they fall off your lap.


Stop asking for help. Get your freedom and independence back.


Stop embarrassing fumbles. LapStacker® gives you an extra set of hands.

Built to last

Designed and made to last, with a lifetime warranty. 

We know how slow and frustrating life can be with a wheelchair.

Adaptdefy® builds products that solve small problems to make a big difference to everyday life. We give active wheelchair users more freedom and independence.

Raised US$28K on Kickstarter: 250+ backers in 30 days

Kiwi’s invention could revolutionise life for wheelchair users sick of dropping things while on the move

LapStacker® Reaches Funding Goal

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Use the Selection Tool to choose the right LapStacker® for your wheelchair.

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Step 2

Install your LapStacker® using the installation guide, and never drop anything again!

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Investing in a LapStacker® saves you money and frustration. No more dropping things off your lap.

The LapStacker® fits discreetly onto almost any wheelchair thanks to a wide range of mounting kit options. And it’s super easy to install too.

The LapStacker ® has more than 2m of retractable strap to hold almost anything! Easy-to-grab finger loops are ready by your side and simple magnetic buckles will have you rolling with confidence in no time.

Still have questions? Visit the LapStacker ® FAQ page for more answers

“Awesome innovation! Can't wait to stop dropping the slippery plastic lunch containers at work. And countless other items.”

Alexander R.Kickstarter backer
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“Crossing roads, bumping along paths, it's really frustrating how things fall off your lap. The LapStacker makes anything on your lap really stable, including a dozen beers! What I like about the LapStacker is its simplicity, it is so discrete, and it's right there and easy to use.”

Ben Lucas - NZ Sports Administrator & Former Paralympian

LapStacker ® in action