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Tanelle Bolt - paraplegic access and design consultant.

Tanelle Bolt - paraplegic access and design consultant.

Tanelle Bolt, who is paralyzed from the waist down (T6 paraplegia), hasn’t let the cost of adaptive equipment stop her from being rad again. She is the founder of the RAD society which she started to make it easier for people to try expensive adaptive equipment, or rent it and take it to enjoy with whom and wherever they please. Tanelle is on a mission and offers advice on how to ask for help, connect with others and enjoy the outdoors again.

Listen to the podcast with Tanelle Bolt.

You can also listen to the Adaptdefy Podcast on all the major platforms. Find it by searching "adaptdefy".  


Watch as Tanelle explains Pro Tips for Paras.


Connect with Tanelle to learn more.


The Rad Society website


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