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Darryl Tait - extreme adaptive sports and wheelchair athlete.

Darryl Tait riding a snow sled pulling a wheelie, wearing a helmet and bright jacket

Darryl Tait is an extreme sports and wheelchair athlete who loves going fast, getting air, and pushing the boundaries. He’s a humble guy who fulfilled his dream of competing in the x-games, became the first person with a spinal cord injury (T4 paraplegia) to backflip a wheelchair, and has found new ways explore the remote outdoors in the Yukon. 

Listen to the podcast with Darryl Tait.

In this podcast episode Darryl describes how he didn't let his accident stop him from exploring what he could do physically and he shares, among other things, his top tips for using a wheelchair, how you can ride a snow machine again, and also his personal struggle with depression and how he's managed to overcome this.

You can also listen to the Adaptdefy Podcast on all the major platforms. Find it by searching "adaptdefy".


Watch how Darryl Tait got back on his snow sled. 


Connect with Darryl to learn more.


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