LapStacker® Configuration

To configure the best LapStacker for your wheelchair, you’ll need to understand three things. Review these below, then make your selection.

1. The Components

We created a range of mounting components because each wheelchair is different in design, setup and fitted accessories.

Watch the video to learn more.

2. Choosing the right buckle holders (Keepers)

  • The Keepers locate the straps at the optimal carry position
  • They hold the Buckles neatly at your side.
  • They keep the straps aligned so they don’t fold and jam inside the Retractor housing.

Watch the video to learn more.

Choosing the best Keeper location

Ideally, the Keepers are positioned central to where you will carry items.

1. Look down at your side and imagine using the LapStacker® to secure an item.

2. Find the midpoint for this item and note where this is on your wheelchair’s top tube.

Keeper styles

  • Your job is to select the best Keeper style for the ideal Keeper position you noted above.
  • You’ll be asked to choose ONE from the options given to you.
  • There are 3 Keeper styles – shown below


  • Mostly used on rigid wheelchairs
  • Velcros directly to the seat base or seat webbing
  • Requires 55mm of space forward of your side guards
  • Greatest amount of adjustment
  • Robust & simple to install
  • Not usually suitable for folding chairs
  • View the Long Keeper Guide


  • Commonly used for folding wheelchairs
  • Attaches directly to the Frame Top Tube
  • May be an option for rigid chairs if the Long Keeper isn’t suitable
  • Can be mounted forward of the seat base
  • More complex to install
  • Less adjustment available 
  • View the Short Keeper Guide

Side Guard

  • Only use if the other Keepers aren’t suitable
  • Attaches to the cushion side of your side guards
  • Robust, and simple to install
  • Not suitable for fabric side guards.
  • Less adjustment available
  • More difficult to access the Buckles
  • View the Side Guard Keeper Guide

3. Choosing the best location to mount the straps (Retractors)

  • There are 4 mounting locations for the Retractors.
  • You’ll be asked to choose ONE of the options shown for your wheelchair.
  • They mount to the wheelchair frame using a specific Clamp and Bracket which is automatically selected once your preferred location is chosen.

Top Tube

  • Most commonly used for rigid wheelchairs
  • Sits close up against the seat base appearing discrete
  • View the Top Frame Tube Guide for more details

Front Vertical

Lower Horizontal

Cross Frame

  • ONLY suitable for rigid wheelchairs
  • Sits close up and out of the way
  • Can be used with BATEC style attachments
  • View the Cross Frame Rigidizer Bar Guide for more details

Will my brakes be in the way?

  • The webbing from the Retractor needs to pass between the brake and the Frame Top Tube and avoid the brake mounts.
  • If you have scissor brakes and are mounting from the Front Vertical or Lower Horizontal Frame Tube  you will need to ensure the webbing doesn’t interfere with the brake lever by locating the Retractor forward or back to suit.

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