Alvaro Silverstein is the founder of Wheel The World, an adventure travel company helping to redefine adventure tourism for people with disabilities.

We talk about:

  • Growing up in Santiago Chile.
  • The accident that left him with a broken neck.
  • What helped him during his recovery and some of his life hacks.
  • How he came to start a world leading adventure travel company that offers accessible travel experiences in over 40 countries.

Similar to Jezza Williams from Making Trax, Alvaro is paving the way for people with disabilities, so they can explore and experience some of the world’s most inaccessible and beautiful places. Places like Machu Picchu, Easter Island and Tanzania.

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Key Subjects

  • Recovery after breaking your neck
  • Dating
  • Job interviews
  • How to stay fit mentally and physically as a quadriplegic
  • Choosing the right partner in business
  • How to start a thriving business
  • How to change the world

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