The Adaptdefiers

People who have not only adapted, but have gone beyond and defied what they & others thought was possible

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Most Recent

Alana Nichols

Super Power: T10 Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive Sports (basketball, kayaking, surfing, skiing)

Stuart Dunne

Super Power: C6/7 Quadriplegic

Specialities: Mobility Master

Derek Herrera

Super Power: T6 Paraplegic

Specialities: Med Tech Inventor

Karen Darke

Super Power: Paraplegic

Specialities: Adventurer, Paralympic cyclist, Author

Sophie Morgan

Super Power: T4 Complete Paraplegic

Specialities: TV presenter, artist, inclusivity consultant

Rob Smith

Super Power: Incomplete C5/6 Tetraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive Design, Wheelchair Rugby and Racing

Nathalie McGloin

Super Power: C6/7 Tetraplegia

Specialities: Car Racing

Christian Bagg

Super Power: Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive Innovation

Josh Dueck

Super Power: T11 Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive Skier

Aaron Baker

Super Power: C5 Quadriplegic

Specialities: SCI Recovery and Exercise Expert

Roy Tuscany

Super Power: T12 Incomplete Paraplegic

Specialities: The safety net for the action sports community

Erik Kondo

Super Power: T4 Paraplegic

Specialities: Wheelchair Boarding Pioneer

Quentin Smith

Super Power: L1 Paraplegic

Specialities: Politics, sailing, whitewater kayaking, business

Tara Llanes

Super Power: L1 Paraplegic

Specialities: Wheelchair basketball & tennis, adaptive mountain biking

Bruno Hansen

Super Power: T12 quadriplegic

Specialities: Adaptive surfing

Helen Smith

Super Power: T10 Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive adventure, wheelchair huskying, access awareness

Fillipe Kizu Lima

Super Power: T10 Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive waveski surfing

Jezza Williams

Super Power: C5 Tetraplegic

Specialities: Accessible adventure tourism

Joe Stone

Super Power: C7 quadriplegic

Specialities: Adaptive paragliding

Samanta Bullock

Super Power: T12 Paraplegic

Specialities: Wheelchair tennis, inclusive fashion, health and wellbeing

Darryl Tait

Super Power: T4 Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive WCMX, Snowmobiling, & off-road mountain biking

Tanelle Bolt

Super Power: T6 Paraplegic

Specialities: Adaptive recreation, Entrepreneur

Ira Edwards

Super Power: T12 Paraplegic

Specialities: Hunting, fishing, handcycling, sit-skiing, growing vegetables

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